Our comprehensive approach to Financial & Estate Planning Provides you with a secure future

In the Estate Planning Services area, Tobin & Collins looks to a client’s future vision and charts the best course to achieve the client’s goals. Our financial & estate planning services utilize a team approach coordinating with other professionals in the various disciplines involved. Many people believe estate planning is only for the rich. The fact is lack of estate planning negatively impacts all taxpayers – not just the super wealthy. In particular, spouses, children and other heirs may face severe, potentially life-changing repercussions from an estate that has been left to the whim of the government. Tobin & Collins will review and develop an estate plan suitable to each family’s needs.

Our Financial Planning services include:

  • Cash Flow and Budget Preparation and Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Charitable Gift Planning
  • Investment and Risk Management Planning
  • Insurance Review and Planning

Tobin & Collins’ financial and estate planning services are comprehensive, utilizing practical hands on experience to provide the desired client solution.

Tobin & Collins