Your Small Business Controller Guide

Your Small Business Controller Guide

Controller Services Your Small Business Could Benefit From

Most people start a business because they have an idea and a passion for sharing actual products or services. That being said, the financial aspects of a business will absolutely make or break a new and growing small business, so they cannot be cast aside without a solid plan. One of the increasingly popular strategies for taking care of these business needs is hiring a financial controller.

What is a financial controller?

In hiring a financial controller, you’re more or less finding someone to do the bookkeeping and financial accounting of your business. A controller can be thought of as the person who is the head of your accounting. In this role, the controller will be overlooking the financial documents of the business, assessing its financial health, keeping tabs on the tax and regulatory needs, and setting and keeping the business budget.

Is it time for you to consider a controller?

As your business is just getting off the ground, the myriad of duties is endless. Hopefully, as your business grows in size, in products or service delivery, and in profits – you may need to begin considering a controller. As this happens, you’re going to want to make sure the focus stays on the company itself and the operations and delivery of what’s making you money, rather than accounting for the books. In these situations where you no longer feel that the finances are in your scope of knowledge, that’s when you should consider a controller.

If your firm is being audited or considered for a grant, these events may also trigger a need to hire a controller, ensuring the accuracy of your business’ financial state.

If you want to discuss whether hiring a controller is right for your business, then the experts at Tobin & Collins are ready and able to discuss your needs. Contact Tobin & Collins to help get your company’s financial picture as perfect as can be.