My1040Data/Electronic Organizer

To access your electronic organizer you must call our office at 201-487-7744 and speak to Marianne or one of our Client Associate Team Members to receive your login and password. When you call, you will be asked to verify the spelling of your last name and one other piece of personal information. These questions are for security purposes.

For married individuals only one organizer is required to be completed.

For assistance or questions regarding either access sites please email

E-Sign - Electronic Signatures of E-File Authorizations

The first step:

When your personal tax return is complete and ready for your review and signature, you will receive an eSign request email from us with a link to begin electronically signing your tax return. Click on the, “Begin signing,” link to proceed.

The second step:

Knowledge Based Authentication

Before you are allowed to access your tax return, you will be required to answer three security questions correctly. The questions are based on public record and credit history information. Once you have successfully answered the questions you will be required to enter a pin number of your choosing. Please remember the pin number, as we will not have the ability to reset it for you.

Should you fail to answer a security question or you forget your pin number you will be locked out and have to call us to resend you another email link and begin the process again.

The third step:

Review your tax return and electronically sign the applicable federal and state e-file authorization(s), forms. You can provide a signature using a mouse, stylus, or a touch pad. Once you have completed this step you will have the ability to view, download, or print the signed forms.

The firm will receive an email notification when you have finished reviewing and electronically signing your tax return.

For assistance or questions regarding either access sites please email

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